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CoWork Division?

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Tristan Gillen


For the last 6-years Tristan has been working on the Bristol and London start-up scene. First, on the founding team of Ordoo (a mobile pre-order and payment app), then as a CRM & Automation Consultant (working with over 20 start-ups) and finally with his current company Growth Division, which helps startups find scalable channels for growth.

He's now based in Budapest and saw the need for a chilled, community-driven co-working space in the city.  




Jonny is half-Hungarian, half-British. He grew up in Budapest and knows the city inside out. He went to the University of Bath (where he met Tristan) and studied Physics (impressive, hey?).  Now he's a Partner at Optimal Compliance, leading their R&D Tax Credit operations.

Back in the glorious city that is Budapest he's teamed up with Tristan to run the best co-working space the city has to offer, CoWork Division.

Our Vision

"Build an engaged and supportive community of international workers in Budapest!"

Why are we starting a co-working space in Budapest?

We (Jonny and Tristan) have known each other since our first year of university and have lived together for many years. We've talked about starting various ventures together. In fact, we're constantly having new ideas... some crazy, others ridiculous and every now and then we do actually have some viable ones.


Having spent most of 2020 in London in lockdown paying crazy rent for a flat, we decided to head to Budapest where the sun is shining, and the city is glorious. Before Cowork Division we used to work from various coffee shops mixed in with our kitchen or living room. We soon looked to introduce a little more structure to our work-life in a modern, comfortable, personal space. In our search, we identified a lack of beautiful, well-thought-out, community-based co-working spaces.

So... we found a PERFECT location that got us all excited and here we are! We'd love for you to come and check it out. We offer a FREE half-day trial to help you to decide. You can check out our pricing here...

Come and meet us and check out the CoWork Division co-working space in the heart of Budapest

Tel: +36 20 236 3590     |     Email: info@cowork-division.com

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