Benefits of joining CoWork Division:


A quiet, focused work place to enable productivity


Fully secured with sensors in all rooms


FREE speciality coffee every day of the week

Fully Air-conditioned in every room


Meet new and interesting people


Drinks in the evening and FREE beers on Fridays

Névtelen terv (1).png

180 degree views across the city

  • Two balconies on the co-working space level

  • One balcony directly accessable from the conference room

  • Evening drinks on the terrace are regular occurrences at CoWork Division


1/2-day trial​ = FREE

 Come and meet the community and check out the space


 1-day pass = 5,500 HUF (15 Euros)


 9am - 6pm access Monday-Friday 🤝

 FREE unlimited speciality coffee ☕️

Access to the kitchen and bathroom facilities


1-week pass = 16,500 HUF (45 Euros) 

All of the above

 FREE beers on Friday afternoons 🍻

 Meeting rooms included


🚀 1-month pass = 55,000 HUF (150 Euros) 🚀

All of the above


Private Office Space (please enquire)

  Private, air-conditioned lockable office

 Access to meeting room & calling booth

Pricing Transparency

💰 Our pricing reflects the costs associated with renting and running the office space

🚀 We offer a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the space

🚫 We also offer free cancellations of pre-booked spaces