Office Space for small teams in Budapest

We have private office space that is ideal for a small team of 3-6 people.

The perfect workspace for a small team in Budapest:

Quiet workspace in Budapest
Dedicated private office space
✅ Private office space
✅ Bookable meeting room
Outdoor Working Space
✅ Use the balcony on the main floor
✅ Enjoy the balcony with an outdoor working area with views across Budapest
✅ Charge your laptop and run team meetings in the sun!
Outdoor Workspace in Budapest.png
Remote working Budapest
Beautifully Designed Indoor Space
✅ Customise your office space as you like
✅ A light, open space
✅ Communal areas full of plants and natural light
Top-class facilities and security
✅ There's a fully kitted-out, modern kitchen
✅ Shower (and bath!) for those who like to cycle
✅ Secure location with top-range security systems in place
✅ Air-conditioned rooms
Fully kitted out kitchen.png

Come and visit CoWork Division, a quick 5-minute walk from Nyugati Train Station in the heart of Budapest.

Tel: +36 20 236 3590     |     Email:

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