Co-working space for freelancers or individuals

A perfect spot for freelancers or remote workers to focus.

Why it's the perfect space to work:

Quiet workspace in Budapest
Focused working environment
✅ A bookable meeting room
✅ A calling booth
✅ Dedicated desk and individual lighting set-up
Outdoor Working Space
✅ There is a balcony on the main floor
✅ There's a roof terrace and outdoor working area with views across Budapest
✅ Charge your laptop, sit in comfort and work in the sun!
Outdoor Workspace in Budapest.png
Remote working Budapest
Beautifully Designed Indoor Space
✅ Large dedicated desks
✅ Lots of plants and life in the space
✅ Open rooms with plenty of natural light
Top class facilities and security
✅ There's a fully kitted out, modern kitchen
✅ Shower (and bath!) for those that like a cycle
✅ Highly secure location with top range security systems in place
✅ Air conditioned
Fully kitted out kitchen.png

Come and view our co-working space today and meet the CoWork Division, we're a friendly bunch!

Tel: 077134 66979     |     Email:

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